The Weekend

With the weekend dates set we have decided to not just do the norm and have everyone “just” attend the important day with us, but decided to invite everyone to spend the weekend with us as part of the wedding celebrations.

We have found that with all the hype around the wedding and all the arrangments that go along with it, spending time with all our guests on the big day just don’t work out as planned, thus as a couple, we would like to spend a bit more quality time with all our guests that will be attending our wedding and so we have invited everyone to attend the entire weekend.

This means that everyone that will be attending our wedding will attend the weekend as from the 19th of March 2021 to the 21st of March 2021.
The specific weekend falls over a long weekend with the Monday the 22nd being a public holiday, thus making it perfect for taking a well deserved break from the buzz in the city and make it a long weekend away with a wedding in the middle of it.

Friday the 19th March 2021


• Arrival on the 19th of March 2021 of all guests
• Check in will take place as from 13h00 until 16h45
We request that all guests check in before 16h45

Friday Evening
• We have planned a special welcoming event for the Friday evening that will take place as from 17h30
Details on this would be provided by the lodge with check in.

Saturday the 20th March 2021

The Morning
• The Saturday morning breakfast would be served by the lodge as from 07h00 to 10h30, but special arrangments can be made with the lodge if you have any specific request.
• The morning itself would be completely up to yourself to do whatever you want, thus the time could be spent by taking in some sightseeing in the local area or doing some activities.

We have included some ideas on our activities page that you can look at.

The afternoon/Evening
The afternoon and moving into the evening would be a bit more formal with the wedding and all (just kidding), its in the bush so how formal can we be laughing
The wedding arrangements would be communicated to everyone during the course of the weekend just as reminders, but some detail would be as below.

Arrangements for the wedding:

• Bush transport to the ceremony would be provided to all guest as from 15h00
• The wedding ceremony will start at 15h45
• Wedding formalities to be concluded
• Photos with guests at the ceremony
• Bush transport to the reception would be provided to all guests
• Reception formalities to be communicated
• Party till late
• Bush transport back to the accommodation would be provided to all guests leaving the reception as from 23h00 until the last people leave.

Sunday the 21st March 2021


The day after the wedding most guests normally feel a bit tired and don’t want to get up early, specifically, when the party went on till late, thus with the weekend falling over a long weekend, there is no need to rush.

Breakfast at the lodge would be served from 07h00 till 10h30 so you can still sleep in and have breakfast at your own time.

The guest that decides to make it a long weekend and take the Monday off can take the Sunday easy and work in a couple of relaxing activities to conclude the Sunday in the bush.

For the guests that will be leaving for home on Sunday, we wish you safe travels back.

Monday the 22nd March 2021


For the guest that took the opportunity to make it a long weekend and that would be driving back home on this Monday, we wish you safe travels back.

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