We have taken the liberty of booking out all the accommodation at Moholoholo bush lodge for the weekend of the 19th to the 21st of March 2021, so all guests will be staying at the lodge itself, thus no need to look for accommodation for the weekend as it’s all taken care off. With this, we have also negotiated discounted accommodation booking rates for all guests attending the weekend for our wedding.
Seeing that Monday the 22nd is a public holiday, for those who would like to stay an extra day the discounted rates will apply for the extra day’s booking if you would like to take the opportunity to do so.

All communication towards accommodation bookings would be done directly by the team from Moholoholo once the guest list has been finalised in November 2020, thus all guests will receive direct communication from the lodge in connection with the weekend’s accommodation bookings and specific arrangements to finalise the bookings.

All accommodation for the weekend will include “dinner and breakfast” (Friday evening to Sunday Morning)


You will receive the specific details on this as part of the communication sent from the bookings team at Maholoholo once the guest list has been finalised. All bookings and payments will be handled directly by Moholoholo.

Alternatively, you can give them a call on the details below.

Contact Details

Office:  012 – 361 7218 / 012 – 348 5789
Marisa Reinach
Phone: 084 511 3000

accomodation Bookings

Monday the 22nd is a public holiday, so if you would like to book accommodation for the extra night of the 21st of March 2021 you can do so by clicking on the link below

Start of the weekend

Arrival on 19 March 2021

We would like to request that all guests arrive and check in at the lodge at no later than 16h45 on the 19th of March 2021.

A suggestion from our side would be to leave (Home) early to arrive and check in around 14h00 on the afternoon of Friday the 19th.
You can also easily combined the drive up with a road trip plan we have included in the activities list (trust us we have done this road trip in the past and it is so worth it).

Note on some travel times:

  • from JHB (+- 4 h 47 min) = 442km
  • from PTA (+- 4 h 28 min) = 415km
  • Flights from JHB to Hoedspruit (+- 1 h 15 min)

Once check in is completed it would be time to kick back and relax after the long drive.

There would be a couple of pre-wedding activities that would take place on the Friday evening, but further information on this would be provided on arrival.

It would be much appreciated if all guest can attend the weekend as from Friday the 19th seeing that we have some special things planned as from the Friday evening already and then obviously something magical for the Saturday as well.

The big day

Saturday 20 March 2021

The Big Day has finally arrived

The morning of the 20th would start with breakfast, this would normally be served as from 07h00 to 10h30 but can be discussed with the team at the lodge for any specific arrangement to suit your needs.
The morning of the 20th would be completely yours to do whatever you want, we have listed a couple of activities that can be included on your to do list (have a look at the activity list in the site for some ideas).

Time to get ready for the Ceremony

The wedding ceremony will start at 15h45 on Saturday the 20th of March 2021
Information will be provided to all guests with regards to specific arrangements for the ceremony and reception by the lodge team.


For those with kids

  • Unfortunately, no children will be allowed to attend the ceremony or reception (this due to the wild & dangerous animals roaming around), but we have arranged for a nanny service at the lodge that will take good care of the little ones while mom and dad are having some fun.


Dress Code (SMART)

With the dress code for our wedding being “SMART”, we do however suggest

  • TIES for the guys  –  not needed
  • HIGH HEELS for the ladies  –  not recommended



A bush shuttle service has been arranged for transport and would be provided to all guests to the ceremony, reception, and back to the lodge on the 20th March 2021.

The bush shuttle will start running at 15h00 the afternoon to the ceremony and will be coordinated by the lodge team and will then again start at 23h00 (and every 30 min after this) until the last people leave the party (this would be Us). laughing .

The Day after the big day

Sunday 21 March 2021

Well, it’s the Sunday after our big day and we hope that all would have had an awesome time at the party the previous evening.

Seeing that we know when this day arrives every one would be a bit tired and drained from the night before (some might even have a little headache) to go with the tiredness.

We would just like to bring it under the attention of all guests that there is no need to rush back home seeing that the 22nd of March is a public holiday. Thus noting that it’s a public holiday you can even stay a bit longer as we have arranged that the special discount rates on accommodation will also be provided to all guest that would like to take the opportunity to stay another day at the beautiful Moholoholo bush lodge or in the local Hoedspruit area.
If you feel the need to take this opportunity you can discuss the arrangements with the team from Moholoholo during the booking process on the accommodation or click on the link above at the accomodation section to complete a bookings form.

We will be staying on a couple of extra days so we hope to see you there

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